Angels, Prison & A New Christmas Single

My new Christmas single comes out on Friday this week (11th Dec 2020). Back in September 2018 I had 3 or 4 ideas for re-workings of Christmas carols that weren't quite ready to make the new Christmas album I was recording at the time. A new version of "Angels From The Realms of Glory" was one of these. At the time it was just an idea around inverting the magnificent 'Gloria' refrain to make it more of a chorus type vibe. Now, given the home recording 'upskilling' I've been engaged with throughout lockdown, the new arrangement has been finished and recorded here in Northumberland with a brand new verse melody and the chorus inversion taking centre stage. The original writer James Montgomery (who wrote the hymn in 1816) would of course be horrified. He was famously caustic about anyone interfering with his melodies or tampering with arrangements. And yet, I would love to have met him. He was born in Scotland, lived for a while in Ulster, wrote over 400 hymns and songs, ran a publishing house in Sheffield and was imprisoned twice in York Castle - once for subversively writing about riot in Sheffiled and trying to hold the authorities to account, and once for publishing an account of the fall of Bastille. He was an advocate for justice and ardently campaigned against slavery and for a change in laws governing child labour amongst other causes. Quite a life. Perhaps you may not listen to "Angels From The Realms of Glory" in quite the same way again. To listen and download the single - hop on over to my music pages. Thanks for your support ! 

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